LOAS-40 AMC gangway

The efficient solution to your offshore access needs

The LOAS-40 system is both a mobile as well as a permanent solution to your offshore access needs. With all hydraulics and controls integrated in a 40ft container base it is a plug and play solution for short and long-term operation. It is the first mobile offshore motion compensated gangway fully designed from the bottom up to be certified according to DNVGL-ST-0358 “Certification of offshore gangways for personnel transfer”.

Efficiency is key in all aspects for offshore access. Mobility wise it makes your mobilizations fast, simple and cost effective. Being an offshore ISO 40ft high cube container it has recognizable dimensions. Subsequently reducing both time and investments transporting by road and sea to destinations for mobilization.

Another aspect of efficiency is workability. Increasing the envelope means higher operation time. With a luffing of 30° up and down the system increases the envelope as heave and roll can act simultaneous and makes the system operational up to a significant wave height of in excess of 3m.

The neutral reach of the system is adjustable from 15 to 21 meters and in every position still has a 7m compensation stroke (usually sway). The side to side deflection (usually surge) of more than 16 meters makes sure that precise positioning of the vessel is not required, and lower DP accuracies are no problem.

When in operation the system is designed to be an efficient continuous walkway, meaning personnel can enter the system on one side and straight away can walk to the other side, instead of other systems where after boarding the system first must go to compensation mode and to the target before personnel can exit towards the target.

To operate the system, it is no longer needed to hire an external crew. No more bunk beds to be reserved for operators. Your own crew can operate the system after a short training and you’ll have all the flexibility you need.

Above efficiency steps are incorporated to optimize your return on investment.

The L-Bow system can be used in many ways. First, it is an active or passive motion compensation gangway to your offshore target. However, the design of the L-Bow system is such that with some modifications the gangway can be customized to specific duties. The gangway can be fitted with adjustable stairs for greater elevation possibilities. It can be lowered besides a vessel to become (dis)embarking stairs. By incorporating a floating body at the position of the tip it can be used as a rescue aid at sea.

General information
Outer dimensions40' HC Container
Weight34 t
Compensation modesActive
Reach15-21 m
Wave heightup to Hs 3 m
Operational wind speed20 m/s
Capacity personnel transfer350 kg
Capacity cargo transfer350 kg

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